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Custom home builder in Oakland and Macomb County specializing in energy efficient homes.

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Building Greener
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Energy Efficient

A tight building envelope and low energy consumption are the key goals in "green" homes. Reduced energy use lowers the impact on family budgets and results in higher resale values. Proper installation, the use of panelized systems, and cutting edge window technology all add up to an energy efficient home and can save you up to 50% on your heating bill.

  • Geothermal heating which is 75% more efficient than conventional heating and cooling systems
  • Specialized framing techniques creating a tight building envelope insulated with foamed products
  • All wood-to-wood framing joints caulked
  • Foam board under basement floor
  • High performance windows
  • Tankless water heater
  • Insulated concrete forms (ICF walls)

Environmentally Friendly

"Green" homes are designed to use less material resources, reducing the impact on our environment. Limiting and reducing construction waste helps reduce costs and the impact on overloaded landfills. Regional and product selection reduces transportation pollution.

  • Use of recycled materials and materials whose production can be sustained without harming people or the environment
  • Carpets made from recycled plastic
  • Wood composite decking
  • Off-road construction equipment runs on biodiesel fuel
  • Protecting the site and conserving water by disturbing the smallest possible area of the site
  • Using trees to provide shade
  • Using permeable paving materials to minimize water runoff
  • Orienting the house so that it takes the best possible advantage of passive-solar heating potential


"Green" homes are designed to improve indoor air quality and prevent moisture, mold and rayon. This is accomplished by selecting building materials to include low chemical content and by using mechanical ventilation systems. Proper air sealing keeps this deadly gas from migrating between the house and attached garage. Closed combustion heating and water heating systems reduce the potential for carbon monoxide pollution inside the home. Indoor air quality has become a potential health risk for our families, so building greener is a healthier and cleaner way to build, while saving you money.

  • Healthy indoor air quality
  • Whole-house filtered-air system which removes pollen, mold and particulates
  • Low-VOC paints, non-toxic paints and water based finishes
  • Formaldehyde-free kitchen cabinets and hardwood finishes
  • Extensive air-sealing and passive radon mitigation

You can build your dream home as a "green" home! There are no differences in appearance. The only difference found is in the home's quality, durability, energy efficiency and in the impact on the environment.