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Custom home builder in Oakland and Macomb County specializing in energy efficient homes.


Federal Income Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency - A number of tax credits for residential energy efficiency have been renewed. These tax credits are available for purchases made in 2016, as well as retroactive to purchases made in 2015. Learn more…

Warranty: New for 2016! - Envy Homes gives a industry leading 18 month warranty on your home, with many of the products in your home being under warranty for many years after move-in. The majority of our homes require NO service at the end of the year.

No Smoking Policy - None of our workers or subcontractors will smoke in your home during construction.

Thermal Imaging - Every home we build is inspected with a thermal imaging camera prior to drywall being installed to ensure proper insulation coverage throughout home. Just another way we are building a true energy efficient house!

Any builder can claim they have an energy efficient home – we prove it! We are always striving to use the latest and greatest technology and techniques when building homes. Our homes are inspected by independent third-party Home Energy Raters whom have been approved by Energy Star. Our ENERGY STAR-qualified homes are built using techniques which are environmentally conscious, while saving you money with lower operating costs than other homes on the market. Find out more about Energy Star!

Envy Homes has become affiliated with Andersen Window’s Home Talk Tours. Andersen Windows has chosen Envy Homes as a quality builder in Lapeer County, and has featured our homes on their website and advertisements in magazines. They have recognized Envy Homes as a builder of true craftsmanship and excellent techniques when installing Andersen Windows.

Envy Homes Inc is proud to have been awarded a CAPS designation.

Build with Envy Homes and We’ll Sell Your Home For a 5% commission! Envy Homes is offering this exclusive deal to new clients. Make more money selling your current home with Grander Realty. After signing a new construction contract, Grander Realty will sell your home for zero commission. Receive full realtor service, without the cost. Plus save time by dealing with one company for both selling your home and building your new one. Call for details!

Other Realtors 6% Grander Realty 5%
Sale Price $150k:
Your Savings:
Above example we cut commission 1%.