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Custom home builder in Oakland and Macomb County specializing in energy efficient homes.

20 Reasons to
Choose Envy Homes

  1. We provide an 18-month warranty on your new home, not the standard 12-month warranty
  2. We begin with an entirely custom experience for each homeowner, the design, the budget, your wants and needs, packaged in your new home
  3. We do not allow contractors to smoke inside your home during construction. Homeowners may do as they see fit
  4. We make every effort to make your home as energy efficient as possible by implementing advanced framing techniques to increase insulation coverage throughout your home
  5. If you are looking for a "GREEN BUILT HOME" we specialize in building green and used many green building materials even if you are not looking to build 100% green
  6. The optional insulation package is Energy Star Certified for your home, R-19.5 for sidewalls, and R-40 in ceiling. We caulk bottom plates, top plates around all light fixtures including recessed can lighting, foam around the windows and doors, gasket around attic access, Tyvek tape OSB seams, foam basement bonds, caulk all exterior penetrations
  7. Superior HVAC system including Geo thermal, humidifiers and a programmable thermostat
  8. Starting from the bottom up, we provide a 9' tall basement. We use metal forms, not wood forms providing a truer wall. Also, we trowel the top of the pour walls so that the sill plate and foam gasket sits flat on the foundation wall. No gaps where air can get into your house
  9. Your basement steel beam will be up sized to reduce the number of poles, opening up your basement, creating more opportunities to finish the space and add to your living area without the feeling of a "basement."
  10. All of our floors are glued and screwed. There are no squeaky floors in an ENVY HOME!
  11. Standard in our homes drywall ceilings and walls we use 5/8" thick drywall not 1/2" which is typical in industry by using thicker drywall we have eliminated most if not all drywall nail pops
  12. Every home has CertainTeed brand dimensional shingles. We use ice and water shield not only in the valleys both also the first two rows up from the roof. Most builders use only one roll of ice shield above overhangs
  13. Sound deadened all bathrooms and laundry room with acoustical control insulation. No one really wants to hear the toilet flush
  14. Prior to drywall installation our carpenter trues up studs, and performs a punch out list as the home has had time to cure
  15. Every home is equipped with 200 amp electrical service
  16. We cover all air duct work with temporary filtering covers during the construction process. This greatly reduces the accumulation of debris, dirt, mold and dust in your homes heating system
  17. Each home is trimmed with a standard 4" base molding for a richer feel, instead of the standard 3 1/4" molding
  18. All homes are painted with Sherwin Williams satin finish paint. Ceilings are painted white. The wall colors are your choice. Go into our closets they look like our great room
  19. We have the ability to custom draw your blueprints in house and when we design your house we design with utilizing passive heating, reducing cooling loads, and use daylight to provide natural lighting
  20. David Nash, President and Owner of Envy Homes, Inc. builds every home as if it's his own!